Walplus Poppy Flower Butterfly Wall Sticker Decal Wall Art Home Decor (Red)


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Walplus Poppy Flower Butterfly Wall Sticker Decal Wall Art Home Decor (Red). Bring spring into your room with this perfect horizontal decorations of poppy flowers. This is a wall sticker designed to bring a feel of symmetry and elegant decor through geometric shapes. We design and produce all our wall stickers not only to be easy to apply and remove, but also flexible so you can use it to decorate your walls, furniture, doors and almost any kind of smooth and even surface. Endless flexibility means that your imagination is the limit of creating decorations with our products in your own and unique way. Clean very well the surface you intend to apply the sticker on. This product is easy to apply and will not leave stains on walls when removed. Apply on painted surfaces at least 3 weeks after painting. If applied on wallpaper the sticker will NOT be REMOVABLE. Can be applied on laminated surfaces, but might cause damage when removed. With this product you can achieve a finishing size of 128 x 80 cm, more or less depending on your preferences. The package contains 2 sheets of 30 x 60 cm. Features: This product can be attached directly to the walls, window, screens, mirrors, etc It is water and steam resistant user-friendly and no special prowess required Eco-friendly materials and non-toxic High quality sticker Product Type: Wall Decal Material:PVC Theme:Poppy Butterfly Application Type: Self-adhesive Removable: Yes Finishing Size:31.5 x 50.4 x 0.1 inch