Sunbeam Massager Shower Head, White – M (M)


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Sunbeam Massager Shower Head, White – M (M). Because Nothing Is More Invigorating Than Stepping Out From A Relaxing Shower Feeling Clean From The Inside-Out. Envelope Yourself In A Spa-Like Oasis With This Contemporary Cool Shower Massager Set. With The 3 Way- Diverter, Effortlessly Transition Between Each Shower Head To Release A Consistent Stream Of Water At A Rate Of 1.72 Gpm. A Custom Shower Experience Is Right At Your Fingertips With A Simple Twist Of The Dial. Turn The 2.5 Inch Diameter Shower Head To Activate The Massaging Function- The Pulsating Spray Works To Rinse Away All The Tension And Aches Of Every Nerve End Down The Drain. Or Simply Use The General Shower Spray To Immerse Yourself In Calming Cocoon Of Water. Made Of Stainless Steel High Performance Nozzles Release A Steady Stream Of Water 1.72 Gpm Flow Rate