Sunbeam Massager Shower Head, Chrome – M (M)


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Sunbeam Massager Shower Head, Chrome – M (M). Enjoy A Spa-Like Shower Experience With This Sunbeam Shower Massager Set. Made Of Chrome Plated Steel With A 3.5 Inch Diameter. The Round Swivel Operated Base Allows You To Switch Between 5 Different Shower Spray Patterns From Shower, Spray, Shower/Spray, Shower/Pulse. The Convenient 3-Way Diverter Mount Evenly Distributes Water 5 Ft Long Tangle Free Hose Gives You The Control For The Ultimate Bathing, Cleaning And Showering Experience. Made Of Chrome Features 5 Shower Functions: Shower, Spray, Pulse, Shower/Spray, Shower/Pulse Indulge In Luxury And Comfort As Soon As You Jump In The Shower With The 5 Shower Patterns: Massage, Soak, Rinse And Calm, Relax