Spill Proof Baby Milk, Water Bottle Warmer Portale Travel Bag (Synthetic Leather)


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Spill Proof Baby Milk, Water Bottle Warmer Portale Travel Bag (Synthetic Leather). Portable Easy to Carry Baby Bottle Warmer Bag If you are traveling or even going to the mall for shopping with a baby, you need to make sure you have a bottle of milk or water, but which is not cold. Our baby bottle warmer bag makes sure that you have access to warm milk at all times. Our bag is large enough to fit most bottle sizes. The interior of the bag is well insulated and helps maintain a constant temperature. We use a 5V charging design which slowly warms the bag, never letting the bottle get too hot. Water kept at approx 30C (86F) will be warmed to 40-50C (104-122F) in about 1 hr. Our bag is fully insulated and spill proof. The bottle remains upright at all times inside the pocket enclosure. It is also very easy to clean the bag. The bag comes with a USB charging cable that can be hooked to a power source or car charger or your laptop. It is easy to carry the bag along wherever you go. The sleek portable bottle warmer can be kept inside your diaper bag or backpack or kept on your baby’s stroller. It has a compact design and is very lightweight and you can use the side strap to just carry it along as well. Bottle Warmer Bag: With a newborn baby at home, a warm bottle of milk or water is more than necessary, and our bag lets you have it handy at all times. Well Insulated: The bag is evenly insulated from the inside, keeping the bottle warm and water or milk hot at a constant temperature. Spill Proof: The pocket enclosure keeps the bottle upright at all times, preventing any leakage, it is also easy to clean the bag. Constant Temperature: Designed to heat at a slow rate with 5V charging to maintain constant temperature, the bag ensures that water at 86F gets heated to 104-122F within 1 hour. Perfect for Travel: If you are traveling or just going for shopping, this bottle warmer bag lets you have access to warm milk or water easily, comes with USB charging cable to warm the bag using a power source, a car charger or even a laptop.