Furniture Edge Corner Cushion Guard Protector Bumper w Adhesive Tape (Pink)


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Furniture Edge Corner Cushion Guard Protector Bumper w Adhesive Tape (Pink). Total Size: 35 x 12mm/ 1.4″ x 0.47″(W*T); Material: NBR Net Weight: 125-154g; Package Content: 1 x Corner Cushion; 1 x Adhesive Tape Product Name: Corner Cushion Total Length: 2M/ 6.6Ft Variation Theme: Color Protect your from bumps to the head or body from sharp corners or edges with these colorful table corner edge guards. Can be used in wood, glass, aluminum alloy, ceramic tile, marble, metal, cement, etc. Fits for Table in all shape: rectangular, square, circle, etc. Come with a double-sided tape, which can firmly stick to the edge and corner of desk. Environmental NBR material, can be used a long time. Easy to install and a good decor at home. Available Colors: Beige, Wood Color, Dark Brown, Green, Pink, Gray, White, Yellow, Red, Dark Blue, Blue, Black, Light Green. How to use:1. Please ensure the inside of the protective strip and table corner clean and dry before use.2. Cut the strip to a suitable length after measurement.3. Stick the double-sided adhesive tape to the inner side of the protector along the edge.4. Take off the adhesive layer and apply the bar to the desk edge and then press it firmly.Clean-up methods: To teach you a way to remove stains on this. Squeeze some toothpaste, and then use the cloth, is very easy to remove.