Funukkah Hanukkah Girl Doll And Illustrated Book – M (M)


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Funukkah Hanukkah Girl Doll And Illustrated Book – M (M). Funukkah Girl Doll & Magic Pink Backpack Fully Illustrated Story Book A Hanukkah Tradition For The Whole Family! Voted Best Hanukkah Gift Of The Year. Funukkah Girl Doll With Blue Clothes,Pink Backpack, And Retail Box Also Included The Fully Illustrated Story Of Funukkah Book. The Box Safely Keeps The Doll And Book Stored Away Until The Next Holiday Season. This Year There Is A Great New Tradition For Jewish Children And Families During Hanukkah. The Funukkah Kids, In Combination With The Accompanying Book Are A Great Way Of Bringing Families Together During Hanukkah. Each Funukkah Kid Comes With The Story Of Funukkah Book, Their List Of Rules, And A Magical Backpack Which Magically (With A Little Help From The Parents) Holds The Shamash Candle To Be Used Later That Evening For The Lighting Of The Menorah. The Funukkah Kids Travel From The Village Of Funukkah To Good Girls And Boys All Over The World. They Come Right Before The Start Of Hanukkah