Dentist 3 Piece Occuplaytion Set – 9″ (9″)


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Dentist 3 Piece Occuplaytion Set – 9″ (9″). Drew Hippotta the hippopotamus is a super soft hard-working dentist who brings a tooth brush filled with crinkle paper and a rattle shaped like a tooth. Drew commutes from 7 Swampy Waters Way in the Tropical Grasslands of Africa. Drew is designed to nurture sensory development and hand-eye coordination as a STEM early learning toy and provide comfort and companionship as well as satisfying tactile and sound play. Drew is a compassionate, diligent, and attentive dentist with very large teeth that can measure up to 2 feet long. Little fish help brush Drew’s teeth and they use grass to floss. Drew likes to spend free time in the water and caring for babies. Collect all the OccuPLAYtion pals!