Chef 3 Piece Occuplaytion Set – 9″ (9″)


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Chef 3 Piece Occuplaytion Set – 9″ (9″). Charlie Octo-Pie the octopus is a super soft hard-working chef who brings a spatula filled with crinkle paper and a rattle shaped like a frying pan. Charlie commutes from 8 Tentacle Way on the Great Barrier Reef in the Coral Sea. Charlie is designed to nurture sensory development and hand-eye coordination as a STEM early learning toy and provides comfort and companionship as well as satisfying tactile and sound play. Charlie is a creative, meticulous, and resourceful multitasker. With eight arms Charlie can juggle cooking, cleaning, and caring for babies. Charlie’s squishy body can squeeze into tight spaces, and three hearts help to love food, cooking, and family three times more. Collect all the OccuPLAYtion pals!