Cheer Collection Shaggy Hair TV and Reading Pillow (White)


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Cheer Collection Shaggy Hair TV and Reading Pillow (White). Prop yourself up and settle in for a good book or a favorite movie. There’s nothing quite like settling into a reading Pillow with your favorite book, tablet, or Kindle. The Cheer Collection Shaggy Faux Fur TV and reading pillow lets you lounge and read in any position, from upright to reclining, all while supporting you in ultra comfort. Its support will help you avoid slouching by maintainig correct back and neck posture, making your overall gaming, watching or reading experience much more comfortable and enjoyable. It is durable, yet lightweight and easy to move from room to room or even take with you on trips. The pillow provides just the right amount of comfort and support as you rest. SUPER COMFORTABLE – Long Shaggy faux fur material has a luxurious feel that will make your reading, gaming or watching experience extremely comfy. Generously filled with firm hollow fiber that keeps its shape over time ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Sitting pillow provides excellent support for arms, back, and shoulders. Helps you avoid slouching by maintaining correct back and neck posture while relaxing. Also helps alleviates back pain MANY USES – Can be used for reading, gaming or watching TV on a bed, couch or on the floor. Perfect for breastfeeding and for bed resting after surgery CONVENIENT – Sturdy top handle and lightweight design allow for easy transport. Great for dorm rooms and college students who have many hours of studying and homework