Baby Retro Multicolor Cassette Tapes Design White Bodysuit (6 Months)


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Baby Retro Multicolor Cassette Tapes Design White Bodysuit (6 Months). The word cassette is French for little box . This little box overtook vinyl records in the 70’s and use of the cassette tape peaked out in popularity during the 80’s. Our retro cassette tape design features a dozen cassette tapes in various colors arranged on super soft bodysuit. Cassette tapes may have peaked in popularity a couple of decades ago but this design in amongst our top 5 best sellers here at Apericots. Enjoy! This retro bodysuit is part of our Eco Line which features a high quality cotton bodysuit printed with Eco-Friendly inks that are water based and safe for everyone. This one piece is sure to please you, your little one, and Mother Earth. Made with much love! 100% Cotton. Our durable clothing can be washed, dried, and worn over and over and probably handed down. Now that’s a cool hand me down. For more hip designs check out We have the following sizes available in our bodysuit, or one piece: –NEWBORN:(Measurements: 11